About English Speaking Training

English Speaking Overview

No language is as complex and varied as English. Today, English is spoken around the world, by over a quarter of a billion people and as a Second language by many millions more. The complexities and variations in spoken English come from the ability of the language to absorb new words from other languages into its lexicon to make it richer. However, amidst all these complexities and variations lies a common speech pattern that is accepted and understood universally. It is our endeavor at English Unlimited to coach our students to neutralize all variations, so they can speak and understand general spoken English which will help them to be successful in their academic and business ventures, whether overseas or in India.

English Unlimited is the best institute of Spoken English. We make the student confident of speaking and communication in English. This is because when it comes to spoken English, people are generally hesitant because of lack of practice. We have extensive practice sessions where the students can get rid of their inhibitions and speak freely. This has made English Unlimited the most liked institute of Spoken English in Ahmedabad.

English Unlimited provides all study materials. A certificate is awarded by the Institute on completion of the course.

Our Focus on different activities:

– Vocabulary Building

– Hesitation Removal

– Fluency Conversation

– Pronunciation

– Accent Neutralization

– Group Discussions

– Debates

– Public Speaking

– Newspaper Reading

– Extempore Skills